Position numbers for council members were omitted on the original mailing

Sherwood voters received a second ballot the week of October 22 after the initial voting ballots omitted the position numbers for city council seats and asked voters to pick four candidates.

In a letter to Sherwood residents, the Elections Division of Washington County said an "error in certification" led to the confusion. Both ballots must be turned in.

The city's charter was changed in May 2005 to include position numbers for each city council seat. Prior to that, seats were decided in a run-off vote. The original and incorrect ballot named the six council candidates randomly and asked voters to choose four. There are only three council seats open.

Mickie Kawai, elections manager for Washington County, said voters should complete and return their second ballot even if they already voted for city council candidates on their first ballot.

'If they did vote on the council positions on the first ballot it won't show up on the election results,' Kawai explained. Only the votes for city council on the second ballot will be tabulated. Everything else on the first ballot should be filled out. Kawai explained that the election certification letter from the city did not include position numbers for candidates.

The correct position numbers and council candidates are as follows:

Seat One - Dennis Durrell vs. Dave Heironimus

Seat Two - Irene Baker vs. Dave Grant

Seat Three - Michele Howard vs. Lee Weislogel

Voters can return ballots in the mail or drop them off in drop box in the parking lot of City Hall at 22560 SW Pine Street.

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