by: contributed photo, Rats will go wherever they can find a harborage or a food source.

In response to complaints about rats at the building in the 38700 block of Proctor Boulevard - which houses Wong's King Chinese Restaurant, Allstate Insurance and Sandy's Mane Attraction hair salon - the Clackamas County Community Health Department sent inspectors to the restaurant.

While County Environmental Health Manager Steve Dahl acknowledged that the building has a rat problem, he said there isn't any evidence of rats inside the kitchen area or near the garbage. The Environmental Health inspectors only regulate with regard to kitchen cleanliness.

'There are no rat droppings anywhere in the facility,' Dahl said. 'We're not concerned that people are eating adulterated food. But it doesn't mean there isn't a problem that needs to be addressed. We'll keep monitoring the restaurant end of it. We'll check on this again.'

Dahl said that the building's owner has contracted with a company to do pest control.

'I believe the landlord, if he hasn't already, is pursuing it,' he said.

He added, 'There's rats all over the city,' a claim with which other building tenants - including the Sandy Police Department building - have agreed. 'They'll go wherever they can find a harborage or food source.'

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