by: contributed photo, Turkey and all the trimmings will make needy local families' holiday.

The Sandy Community Action Center - the nonprofit organization that helps low-income and homeless people around the Sandy area - needs donations for its annual Thanksgiving dinner boxes that it hands out to needy families.

'We're not doing well on supplies,' said Action Center Director Rita Ezard. 'We're starting from square one. We need everything.'

By everything, she means the fixings for about 40 Thanksgiving dinner boxes.

Boxes contain a turkey, potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, buns, butter, etc. 'We need anything and everything that would compose a traditional Thanksgiving feast,' Ezard said. The boxes feed anywhere between 1 and 12 people, depending on the circumstance.

The Action Center would appreciate donation of any of the aforementioned food items, however cash donations and volunteer hours also are accepted.

Donations may be given to the Action Center, 38982 Pioneer Blvd. For more information call 503-668-4746.

The center gives out food boxes on a daily basis to hungry families, but Ezard says that Thanksgiving is different. 'We have a box of tissues on the table because most people end up crying when they first see (the boxes),' she said. 'Most of them just look at you and say, 'We're really going to have Thanksgiving!' We ache for days afterward from all the hugs.'

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