I encourage the voters in Clackamas County to vote 'yes' on Measure 3-221. If approved, this measure will ensure funding for the local Soil and Water Conservation District to use in its programs to improve the natural resources in Clackamas County.

In addition, this measure will allow the district to be eligible for matching existing state and federal programs which will enlarge its funding resources. This will provide technical assistance and other services that will improve and sustain the important natural resources that are important to the citizens of Clackamas County.

Other counties in Oregon have passed similar measures in recent years with excellent results. For example, Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District's tax base has resulted in additional funding from state and federal programs that has greatly expanded the opportunities to improve soil and water quality within the county.

Remember, a yes vote will not only benefit the current citizens of Clackmas County, but also for the future generations to come.

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