I feel that the recent letters about the 'film battle' going on around the lunch time movie choices we have at Lake Oswego Junior High have missed out on some of the students' reality of the matter. As a 12-year-old student at LOJH, I feel caught up in a great discussion between some people that don't really know what we are going through. Here is what happened to me.

In my school there are people who go to first lunch and people who go to second lunch. I am in the second lunch crowd. Movies are shown at first lunch only but I am in Orchestra and sometimes I have first lunch. Apparently, a list of movies was given out during first lunch, on the first day, in Mr. Morrison's room. Students, who were not there that day did not get the list to take home and like me, were quite surprised when the second part of 'The Sixth Sense' came on without any introduction. I thought 'The Sixth Sense' was about cats! I'd come in with some friends and didn't want to look like a chicken so I stayed. That night I couldn't sleep and I told my mom and dad the reason I was upset. That is when a conversation between my family and Mr. Capilinger started. (Mr. Capilinger and Mr. Morrison are awesome by the way!) We asked for and received a list of the movies scheduled to be shown that astonished my family and friends. We talked about each movie on the list, looked up reviews and ratings and talked about some movies our family loved that might be more fun that might be put on the list. Of course, no amount of parenting is going to keep some children from going along with their friends to see any movie at school and if your child is not over 13 you can bet they are going to want to get their hands on anything PG 13. It is a hard fact for parents but from the student's eye view, it is just something that tweens do when they are given these choices to make by themselves. My mom and dad have been wonderful parents and I have learned well, but sometimes it just happens.

I hope that the parents on the other side of the discussion don't think that we are against the teachers in anyway, because my mom is a teacher and so I know how much work they do.

Claire Logue is a student at Lake Oswego Junior High School.

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