Strawberries from a Newberg-area grower harbored a deadly bug

Berries sold by Jaquith Farms, a Newberg-area grower, carrying a strain of E. Coli killed a Washington County woman and sickened at least nine others late in July.

Public health officials are warning that anyone who bought berries from a roadside vendor or at a farmer's market may have wound up with the infected berries, which could have been sold unmarked.

'If you have any strawberries from this producer - frozen, in uncooked jam or any uncooked form - throw them out,' says Paul Cieslak, M.D., from Oregon Public Health Division.

It's not clear what contaminated the berries. Cieslak said public health officials didn't find any fault in Jaquith's operations. The culprit could be something as simple as a deer that wandered onto the field, located in Washington County.

Gina Bell, director of the Forest Grove Farmer's Market, said the farmers who bring berries to the market grow their own, and encouraged anyone who bought berries at the market to contact their supplier.

Unger Farms, in Cornelius, said berries carrying their logo are safe to eat, as they don't buy from Jaquith.

Health officials say the Jaquith berries are no longer being sold.

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