On Nov. 11, a work party of close to 20 people gathered at Luscher Farm along Stafford Road in Lake Oswego for an extensive planting session of bulbs and shrubs from the Brewster Rogerson Clematis Collection.

Hundreds of plants were put in the ground, which had previously been stored in the greenhouse at Luscher Farm or in pots outside.

'It's kind of amazing. It was a great feeling of accomplishment,' said Nancy Gronowski, director of the Friends of Rogerson Clematis Collection.

Shrubs were placed around the farmhouse and in the front yard on the west side of the property and some volunteers spent nearly eight hours at the farm doing work.

The Brewster Rogerson collection is the largest collection of clematis species in the Western Hemisphere and has been located at Luscher Farm since last winter.

'Brewster came out the following Monday and I know he was very pleased with everything,' Gronowski said.

Until recently, most of the nearly 1000 plants remained potted.

Different clematis will bloom throughout the year and with the plantings, organizers hope more visitors will check out the collection.

'We have something to show now. We're all excited about next spring,' Gronowski said.

Volunteers will take a break from planting now until January when additional work will be done.

There is still an extensive number of plants housed in the greenhouse, some of which will be planted next year.

Volunteers have also started to make plans for cultivating the orchard area on Luscher Farm, which was part of their contract with the city of Lake Oswego.

'We've been very happy working with the city. They've been nothing but supportive and we're looking forward to more of the same,' Gronowski said.

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