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Clearing up a few popular questions to start with today. When I say a recipe is 'adapted from,' that means I have shortened some of the verbage in the original recipe or am not putting it in word-for-word from the original. This can be because of space limitations or to make the directions more easily understood.

Second, how do I decide on what to write about? The space in my column is dear to me, and I talk about food, folks and places that I really feel you may enjoy, especially new businesses and local folks. I believe in the things I share with you and use them for my family.

Now on to my favorite things for the holidays.

We buy our pies and desserts from Evelyn's Bakery (503-626-3209). The pie crusts are hand-rolled and tender, the tea loaves are moist and delicious and the brownies are rich and very original. Try the peanut butter, the mint and the chocolate silk ones for sure. Stop at the Decorrette Shop and buy the fluted candy cases, cut the brownies into smaller pieces and place them in the candy cases. Elegant for the holidays.

Sourdough Willy's is just up the street from Marylhurst College, and they have the best stuffing bread and sourdough rolls and bread I have ever tasted. I love real sourdough! You can call Grace at 503-636-9478; she opens at about 7:30 a.m. and closes about 1 p.m.

Bread stuffing is one of our favorite foods, and I like to hollow out one of their round loaves to put it in. Bake until heated through and serve with gravy and pork chops. These loaves can also be baked (once hollowed out) until golden, cooled and filled with a chicken or tuna salad or soup. It's fun to break it apart and eat the 'bowl,' too.

Remember to buy your holiday edible centerpiece from the folks at Incredible Edible Creations. Each piece of fruit is cut into fancy shapes and the luscious strawberries are dipped in heavenly chocolate. We give these superb arrangements as 'Thank You' gifts. Every one loves them, we are supporting a local business and giving healthy food with one stop. We gave one to our son on his birthday, and the entire office loved it.

Yes, I did mention a fun game, and here it is: Give each guest a sheet of typing paper, a pen and a magazine to make it easier to write. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. You will need 2-5 players and use these five words: who, what, when, where and why.

The first person writes the word 'who' at the top of the paper and then answers it. Fold the answer to the back so the next person cannot read it. That person writes the word 'what' and answers that and folds the paper back and passes it on until all five words are used. Be sure no one can read what the previous guest has written. When all words are used, unfold the entire paper and someone read it out loud.

Example: Who … Aunt Mable; What … eats worms; When … at noon; Where … in the bathroom; Why … because they are low fat.

Crisps for Soup or Salad

Sourdough Willy's Rolls, sliced thin

butter, softened

parmesan or other cheese, grated fine

baking sheet

Butter each slice on one side, place on baking sheet and sprinkle with cheese. Bake slices until golden and the cheese is melted. Serve with soup, salad or for dipping.

For breakfast, substitute cinnamon sugar for the cheese and serve with cream cheese and fruit or yogurt.

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