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Someone once said that the only thing that is constant is change itself. Well that statement is no truer than in the community newspaper business.

When our President of Community Newspapers Steve Clark, purchased the Regal Courier in the spring of 2004, and named me general manager, I remember the feeling of excitement of having the opportunity to take a small community newspaper and help modernize it.

Our small staff committed itself to produce a newspaper that would not only be informative and entertaining, but one that we hoped our readers looked forward to when it reached their doorsteps each month.

Well back to that notion of change. With a little less than two years under my belt at the helm of the Courier, I am stepping aside and moving on to yet another project that is calling my name here at our parent company, The Pamplin Media Group.

Although I will miss working with the many wonderful people I have meant in King City and Summerfield, it is time to take on a new challenge. As they say my work is done here.

Actually this is very bittersweet. In my 30-year plus newspaper career, I can honestly say, I never had more fun working on a newspaper, as I have on the Courier.

Many journalists start their careers on small papers and move on up the ladder to larger papers.

Size of the newspaper, has never been much of a criteria for my interest in publishing a community paper. Somehow I have always had an interest in papers that serve their communities and capture the reader's imaginations. That does not mean I only like papers when everyone loves the paper, I just enjoy a paper where there is a sense of community.

I have to say that Regal Courier readers are passionate about their paper and they love to let those of us who edit it, know just what they like and don't like.

When I first drove out to King City from our old headquarters on Barbur Boulevard, and wondered through the streets, all with royal connections, I could not help but think this was going to be an interesting challenge.

And not for one minute have I been disappointed. I owe lots of people many thanks for allowing my colleagues all their support as we published your newspaper.

People like City Manager Jane Turner, Police Chief Chuck Fessler, former Mayor Chuck Faes, businessman Mat McCann, Lions Club members Bill Gerkin and Rod Schelledy, Barb O'Brien retired bank executive. Realtors and volunteers extraordinaire Ken and Vicki Miller and many, many others have been so supportive of the Courier, it makes doing this job easy.

I started writing a monthly column called 'Around Town' with the idea of using it as a place that I could make sure that the important tidbits did not miss getting into the paper. I always told a caller to my office, most anything was appropriate for 'Around Town' as long as it was information and people would find it interesting.

It's been a true pleasure helping produce your Courier, but it is the people that I work with, like Deanie Bush our ad representative, Editor Bob Schoenberg, Milestones and Obituaries Editor Mary Ratcliff, Graphic Designer Gail Park, Digital Manager Travis Andrews and Lori Burrows our classified advertising representative who are the real team that do the work and make me look good.

Thank you all for inviting my staff and I into your home each month. It truly has been an honor to serve you.

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