A dress code in Portland? Get real

Four tall guys wearing sweats poked their heads into Jake's Grill last Saturday night.

'Are we OK?' asked one, obviously not sure what the dress code is here in P-town. … After all, they were from Sacramento - members of the Sacramento Kings basketball team, as a matter of fact - and they probably figured that when you go to the big city you should dress up a bit. Shows what they know. … Manager Michael Poe told them to come right in. As the rest of us already know, in Portland, it's impossible to be underdressed. Our claim to fame. … Latest water-cooler buzz at City Hall: Erik Sten, who's been a commissioner for 10 years now, might accept an appointment with a housing agency and not finish out this term. … If so, Mayor Tom Potter, who's been frequently outvoted by commissioners Sten, Leonard and Adams, would call a special election and hope to replace Sten with someone who will give him a majority on the City Council. Stranger things have happened. … Barry Kolin, proprietor of Harvey's Comedy Club on Northwest Sixth Avenue, is assembling a small show-business museum in memory of the late hotelier Harvey Dick. … 'People ask me who Harvey's is named after, and well, here it is.' … Dick's Hoyt Hotel, which used to sit across the street, is just a vacant lot now, but old-timers will remember its fabulous Roaring '20 nightclub, featuring Las Vegas-style musical shows on a hydraulically elevated stage. Ah, those were the days.

• • •

I'm obviously not the only one fascinated by the mystery of D.B. Cooper - last seen one dark November night in 1971, preparing to parachute out of a jetliner over Southwest Washington with $200,000. … Last week on KOIN (6), Mike Donohue did a piece on two local sleuths, Dan Dvorak and Matt Myers, who believe that not only did Cooper survive the perilous jump, but that he's living near Portland. … No names yet, because the two are planning to spring a little surprise on their suspect - but as an expert skydiver and pilot with an armed robbery conviction, he certainly sounds like a contender. … What's more, Dvorak says, at 10 p.m. on the night of the hijacking the suspect called the FBI to offer his assistance. … Retired FBI agent Ralph Himmelsbach, who supervised the investigation, says this proves Dvorak's suspect couldn't have done it, because the plane was still in the air. … Dvorak, who's a CPA, says it proves just the opposite, because Cooper jumped at about 8:15 p.m., giving him plenty of time to get to a phone and call the FBI to put them off his trail. … Haven't had this much fun since Bigfoot quit hanging out in the neighborhood.

• • •

The death-defying tram rescue drill, starring the fire bureau's high-angle rope rescue team and city Commissioner Sam Adams, has been scheduled for next Friday, Dec. 8. … According to fire bureau spokesman Allen Oswalt, none of the other council members who voted for the project will be joining Adams on his perilous 16-story descent. … Whether this is because they're justifiably scared of heights or because Adams, as transportation commissioner, figures he shouldn't have to share the glory with anyone else, is open for debate at this point. … But here's a prediction: If Adams actually goes through with it, he'll be re-elected as long as he chooses to remain in politics. Everybody loves a hero.

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