Boys caught on camera at Les Schwab, police investigate with schools' help
by: Clinton Vining, Two new windows were installed last week after somebody broke the windows and entered the building.

Police are working with Estacada High School and Junior High staff to identify at least two juvenile males caught on camera breaking into Les Schwab last week.

The vandals are also suspected to be the same criminals who broke a window at Estacada Liquor Store, broke into and vandalized Harmony Bakery and broke into the old Union 76 Station on Southwest 2nd Avenue Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

A week earlier, someone broke one of the big windows in Les Schwab's store front. The windows have safety film that holds shattered glass together. Store Manager Dusty Willis quickly had the window replaced, but before safety film could be put on, somebody threw rocks and two fire extinguishers through the new window and broke the window next to it.

'There was a lot of broken glass and debris in the store,' Willis said. 'It took [until] just about midnight to get it cleaned up.'

The damage is estimated at more than $2,000.

Security videos show two people outside Les Schwab. One boy has longer blonde hair and was wearing white tennis shoes. Only a second set of legs were visible in that video.

Later, another boy entered the business through the broken window and approached the front counter before the audible alarm sounded and he darted for the window. Before climbing out of the window, he lowered the hood of his sweatshirt to reveal he has short dark hair. Willis did not know if he was the second person with the blonde boy.

Nothing was stolen from Les Schwab, according to Willis.

The same night that vandals struck Les Schwab, someone broke into Harmony Bakery through a rear window and made a mess. They poked holes in the bottom of whipped cream cans, probably to suck the gas from them-a way of getting high. They stole approximately $80 from the cash register and tip jar, and threw the cash register out a window.

The vandals also sprayed a couple of fire extinguishers around inside the bakery. The extinguishers were not the same ones thrown through the tire center's windows.

Also on the same night, someone broke the front glass door at the old Union 76 Station and smashed a hole in the outer pane of glass of the liquor store.

Leslie Pike, manager of the liquor store, said she doesn't know why anyone would try and break into her store, because 'it's a fortress.' She is glad she paid extra money to have reinforced double-pane windows installed, along with bars across the windows.

To Les Schwab, this isn't a new story. The tire center has been broken into and burglarized several times in the past. Willis asks anyone who drives by his shop, especially at night, and sees anyone suspicious hanging around, to call the police.

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