by: Bob Schoenberg, Left to right: Councilors Sam Locklin, Ray Robinson, Ron Shay, Brenda Wilkinson, Jim Gates and Dick Winn prepare for their holiday close up with TVCTV producer Dave Slay.

Adding a bit of holiday cheer to the regular King City City Council session, the Councilors recorded a TV message for viewers in Washington County.

The five Councilors with Mayor Pro Tem Ron Shay in charge practiced their one holiday greeting line, 'Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,' a few times minutes before the start of Wednesday nights regular session.

On hand to video tape the holiday greetings was Dave Slay, a staff producer for Tualatin Valley Community TV, who had set up a camera and microphone to record the message.

The greetings, said Slay, have been taped by the rest of the city council's in Washington County and will be shown at the end of council sessions that run on TVCTV.

Councilor Jim Gates whimsically added reindeer horns and a red nose for his part, while Councilor Dick Winn, with his white beard, endured comments about his resemblance to Santa Clause.

The King City Council, which does not videotape its meetings, will run its holiday greeting after similar programming from now until New Years on the public access channel for Washington County.

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