Thanks to Metro East Community Media

I want to publicly thank the staff and producers at MetroEast Community Media (MECM) on behalf of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce's Government Affairs Council for producing and broadcasting our '2006 Candidate Forum' series.

Producer Keith Thomas and the staff at MECM were dedicated to bringing our forums to a larger audience in the East Metro and Portland region through their cable access programming. An added feature this year was the use of Comcast's 'Video On Demand' feature, which allowed viewers to watch the candidate forums at home.

Candidates Ted Wheeler, Ron Saxton, Shane Bemis, John Lim, Mary Starrett, Ben Westlund and other regional leaders, including Senator Monnes Anderson, House Speaker Minnis, Commissioner Roberts, Mayors Becker, Fuller, Thalhofer, Weatherby and Potter were featured in the broadcasts to thousands of households on topics ranging from school funding, health care costs and regional economic development.

East County residents are fortunate to have a great community resource like MECM and its staff in Gresham.



No apologies for attack on Smith's about-face

I can't tell you how sorry I am that Larry Beaver was 'appalled' at my attack on Gordon Smith's dismal attempt to distance himself from being a lapdog for the Bush administration.

I can't tell you this because I am not the least bit sorry. Gordon Smith has a miserable record of supporting veterans. He is just like all the other neocons who are so quick to send citizens into harm's way, but do nothing when those citizens come back killed, battered and maimed from Bush's little adventure in Iraq.

I was all for us going after Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, but the minute Bush decided we needed to invade Iraq, I knew he and his 'brain trust' weren't dealing with a full deck. Smith should have known this also. Larry Beaver may admire Smith all he wants, but I know a slacker when I see one.


U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran


Thanks to community for support after Bob's death

The family of Bob L. Scott extends heartfelt thanks to the many hundreds of folks who have shared their overwhelming love and support during the days and weeks since Bob's tragic death.

Bob was just an ordinary guy who performed many extraordinary acts of care and kindness for many, many people because he genuinely enjoyed life and the living of it.

Again, so many thanks.

With sincere love and appreciation,

NEV SCOTT and family


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