Meal groups needed

The Lake Oswego Adult Community Center is seeking new volunteer groups to help with the center's lunchtime meals program.

'Our volunteers are fantastic,' said Ruth Berberich, program manager. 'We couldn't run the program without them.'

However, recently the number of volunteers has grown a bit thin.

'Several groups volunteered for years and years, but they've reached the stage where they can't do it anymore,' Berberich said. 'We've lost several senior groups who did this service.'

Groups are needed to serve with the lunch program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Right now, Berberich said there is a special need for a group to serve on the second Wednesday of even-numbered months and a group to serve on the fifth Wednesday of every month.

New Seasons Market is one new group volunteering for the lunch program.

A complete list of volunteer groups includes: Lake Bible Church, Our Lady of the Lake, City Slickers (employees of the city of Lake Oswego), Welcome Wagon, Epiphany Episcopal Rem-nants, Lake Oswego Junior Women's Club, The Bubble Girls, United Methodist, Lake Oswego Fire Department, Et Cetera, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Our Saviors Lutheran, United Church of Christ.

Groups desiring to volunteer for the program may call Berberich at 503-534-5748.

Besides serving lunch, there are many ways for community members to assist the meals program, according to ACC executive director Brenda Suteu.

'They can also volunteer as drivers to deliver home meals or become members of the Lake Oswego Meal Network Advisory Board to help in supervising and fundraising for the program,' Suteu said.

'All ways are equally enriching and important to the success of the program.'

To inquire about volunteering opportunities, call the ACC at 503- 635-3758.

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