School's new information sign is too small to read from road

To the Editor:

With regards to the new 'readerboard' or message board recently installed at the entrance to Lake Oswego High School, the intent is good, but the results are poor.

Passing motorists on Country Club Road cannot read the events, as the letters are too small. Even slowing down to the 20 mph in the school zone is of little help in deciphering the messages. And, even at a stop for the red light, it's a stretch to interpret the events being advertised.

Surely, as the sign was being constructed the size of the opening to house the message board must have been scrutinized as being too small. And, at whose expense? If the district wishes the public to know 'What's going on' the sign must be made larger. And soon.

Duane C. Anderson

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: Nancy Duin, communications coordinator for the Lake Oswego School District, responds: 'The recently installed reader board at LOHS was built to the maximum size allowable under the city's sign code. Larger letters are being acquired to address concerns with legibility from Country Club Road. For complete information regarding events at all schools, the district invites the community to visit school websites accessible at'

Thanks to governor for stand on education

To the Editor:

On Dec. 4, Gov. Ted Kulongoski proposed a budget to the Legislature that begins to reverse the downward trend in funding for community colleges in Oregon.

I want to thank the governor for proposing such a strong budget for education at all levels, and for his continued commitment to increasing funding for student financial aid. He understands the need for a world-class education system in this state and his budget makes a positive step in that direction. But we need to talk with our legislators about the gap that still remains and make them aware that this budget falls short of our real needs.

Portland Community College will join the state's other 16 community colleges in requesting additional funding from the Legislature next year.

Rather than the $483 million in the governor's budget, we will be seeking $529 million so we can offer additional courses and programs, improve student success, and address the serious shortfalls we have experienced over the past six years.

An investment in community colleges makes good economic sense for the state. No other institutions offer such open access and opportunity for higher education, and clear pathways to living-wage jobs than our state's community colleges. We must do more to invest in the future of Oregon.

Preston Pulliams

District President

Portland Community College

Homework leaves no time for girls or food

To the Editor:

My name is Jake Coffey, and I am 13 going on 14. I have a problem with school.

Our teachers say to have a social life, but they give us all of this homework! I have to work for at least two hours. Then I have no social life. I can never talk to my friends. I get really mad. I always like a girl, but I never get to call them up. I have too much homework. All of my friends agree with me. I don't have time to eat because I have too much homework!

My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I want this to be posted in the newspaper.

Thank you very much for your time, and Santa is the man.

Jake Coffey

Lake Oswego

Holiday tree makes season special

To the Editor:

I am 12 years old. I would just like to thank everybody because every year I love the holiday tree in downtown LO, and this time of year is the best for me. So thank you, city of LO.

Also, I think the Safeco building should be turned into a rec center, because I think it would be a really fun and cool place for kids like me to hang out.

Arthur Drake

Lake Oswego

LOJHS deserves a new shine

To the Editor:

I have a bone to pick with you guys. I would like to talk about Lake Oswego Junior High School.

I think that it is unfair that LOHS gets a new shine and LOJHS does not.

LOJHS has just had its 50th anniversary. So I think that LOJHS should get a new shine. LOJHS is a good school, so I think it deserves more.

I am Adam Veil, age 14, who thinks LOJHS should be rebuilt better or improved.

Adam Veil

Lake Oswego

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