Break it down

A pair of Blackspot sneakers costs $67.50, which works out as follows:

organic hemp Ñ $5.50

toe caps, soles, materials Ñ $8.65

design Ñ $1

production management Ñ $3

manufacturing Ñ $10.90

freight and customs Ñ $1.70

wages Ñ $4.50

overhead Ñ $3.25

independent retail network Ñ $3.75

billboards, print and TV ads Ñ $7.50

Web site Ñ $3

protype #2 development Ñ $2.50

Subtotal Ñ $55.25

The company projects a profit of $12.25 per pair, which it uses to finance various social campaigns.

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