Have you seen the newspaper hawkers yet, plying their wares at Pioneer Courthouse Square? Just a little something new from your Portland Tribune each Tuesday and Friday. É Faithful Trib reader Stephen Sasser, who got one of the first ones on Friday, likes it. 'It's all very retro.' Well, that too, I guess. É Multnomah County Circuit Judge Sid Galton is getting some serious heat for the alleged use of some very unjudicial language, according to press reports. É According to a complaint before the state Judicial Fitness and Disability Commission, it all happened last summer when Deputy District Attorney Ellen Osoinach questioned whether one of Galton's jury instructions might result in a successful post-conviction appeal by the defense. 'F*** post-conviction relief,' Galton allegedly shot back, adding, in case anyone was interested, that he really 'did not give a s***.' É One thing for sure, Galton's not going down without a fight. In October, he filed a statement with the Supreme Court, acknowledging that he'd been 'verbally abusive' with Osoinach, according to the press reports. Then he withdrew the statement, claiming that the judicial fitness commission had no jurisdiction over him. É Now that that objection's been knocked down, he's back in front of the commission. May justice, as always, prevail.

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Most whimsical business name in P-town might be on the side of the building at Northwest Flanders Street and 22nd Avenue: 'N2 Deep.' É Turns out it was dreamed up by lawyers Dave Miller and Bob Wagner for the holding company that owns the building they operate their law practice out of. And no, they're not bankruptcy lawyers. Medical malpractice is the name of the game. É From the agenda of Beaverton's Board of Design Review: 'The Tree Plan application requests the removal of more than four Community Trees É with diameters greater than 10 inches at breast height.' Say, isn't that sexist or something? É Campaign notes: Yes, of course, I will endorse madcap blogger Jack Bogdanski for mayor. Also Extremo the Clown, although he hasn't officially thrown his hat into the ring yet. The more the merrier, I say. É Hey, I've got an idea. Let's have a Clean Money Party. You know, get together a thousand or so public-spirited citizens Ñ and we can all endorse one another for mayor. É Naturally, everyone has got to come with a lot of $5 bills, but look at the upside: 200,000 smackeroos for each public-spirited citizen in the primary alone. É Of course, it's going to be a little hard on the ol' city budget Ñ but look at it this way: Why should politicians have all the fun?

• • •

And finally, a very happy 60th b-day to Francene Johnson, who, as queen bee at Scenarios on Southwest 12th Avenue has curled the hair of some of P-town's finest in her day. É She'll be celebrating the great event with hubby Jim in Las Vegas Ñ where, it should be noted, she got her start as a dancer for Dean Martin's 'Golddiggers.' É In fact, it was Dino himself who gave her away in marriage to her first husband, safecracker Randy Jefferson. É As Francene Duvall, she sang and danced her way through the Roaring Twenties as well as many other fine P-town nightclubs. Once she rode, scantily clad, it must be said, in the Starlight Parade, as Miss Portland Nightlife. That was back in the days when Portland didn't take itself quite so seriously.

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