A few thoughts:- • The Oregon Sports Awards took a quantum leap this year when they were telecast on KATU (2) on Sunday night.- Kudos to all who took part in a chance to publicly honor the finest in Oregon sports. And if you have never been to the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike campus, where the show was held, you're missing out. It is one plush place.

Thanks to all the people who helped make the awards program a success.

nI get so tired of everyone talking about the influx of teenagers into the NBA and not pointing to the best solution for what's becoming a problem.

Forget about trying to institute an age limit Ñ it's unconstitutional, in my opinion. Nobody should have to attend a college in order to be a pro basketball player.

The real solution is an NBA-sponsored minor league in which teams can send three or four players on option to a place where they would be allowed to play and develop. There is no doubt in my mind such leagues would be profitable in mid-size cities because some very good players would be in the league.

It would also serve as a training ground for young coaches and a place to experiment with NBA rules. The result in the NBA would be that the talent level would go up, because a lot of roster spots could be used for smart, veteran players instead of inexperienced high school 'projects.'

The league is being shortsighted about this because it doesn't want the cost. And make no mistake Ñ it would love to have the green light not to have to draft young players. In the old days, the colleges created the ready-made stars for the NBA. But that era is gone.

• Don't remember when I've had so many people contact me to complain about a Trail Blazer loss as that one Saturday against Golden State. It was ugly, no question about it Ñ particularly on the heels of a win four days earlier at Sacramento.

Pretty soon, I'm afraid, you're going to have to get used to it, Blazer fans.

• The rumors are all over town, but I'm going to keep my word and not give out the name here. But there's one Portland area talk-show host who is about to go big-time with a national network. I'm not telling, but you'll hear about it very soon. And don't worry, he'll still be heard locally.

• Yeah, I guess you have to watch it because it's the Super Bowl, but am I the only one not looking forward to New England vs. Carolina? I mean, seriously Ñ the Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl. Half of America couldn't name the Panthers' head coach until last week. Nobody can pronounce the quarterback's name.

And please, somebody score some points. I'm sick of all the offensive frustration. If I want that, I'll watch the Blazers.

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