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I am asking Oregonians to join with me in voting for Measure 30 and a balanced budget. Voting yes on this measure will serve the greater good of all Oregonians.

A yes vote on Measure 30 will provide the stability that we all need to be successful in planning our lives. It balances the state budget for the next two years. We Ñ all Oregonians Ñ have been damaged in this prolonged period of budget uncertainty, and Measure 30 will put that to an end. We will be able to plan our personal, educational and career lives once again.

Budget uncertainties have damaged the state's credit and bond ratings, increasing costs for all Oregonians. Measure 30 is a vital step to reverse that.

To balance the budget in the 2001-03 biennium, the state was forced to borrow $400 million. It will take 10 years to repay that debt. Measure 30 does not borrow money.

Measure 30 ends or reduces tax breaks that Oregonians have demanded be cut or eliminated. Measure 30 ends the days of the $10 corporate minimum tax, a relic of the Great Depression.

Measure 30 will keep 61,000 low-income Oregonians out of hospital emergency rooms, saving all Oregonians money in their own health care costs. Recently, two hospitals in Portland closed their doors after seeing a dramatic increase in unreimbursed charity cases. These closures put 500 people out of work and further burdened other hospitals. Health care providers need to plan their budgets, and Measure 30 will help them do that.

Oregon businesses and schools suffer from the state's budget instability. We all know this. Examples of the costs we all bear as a result are everywhere.

I urge all Oregonians to mark your Measure 30 ballots 'Yes' and put this uncertainty to an end. We have a great deal of work to do, but we live in a land of opportunity and great wealth. The first step to economic recovery lies in our attitudes, both as individuals and as an Oregon community. A positive attitude is the vital ingredient. You can express that attitude at the polls with a yes vote.

Democratic Sen. Avel Gordly

Northeast Portland

Police succeeded in

stifling rights

The Portland police and others in the city are busily patting themselves on the back for their ability to separate the riffraff from the paying corporate types who ponied up big bucks to hear the unelected vice president speak at a gala dinner recently ('Little Beirut' fades as city gets crafty, Jan 16).

The dissenters (the highest form of patriots) were kept well back in a gulag of barbed wire by a cordon of jackbooted SS Ñ I mean police riot officers.

Congratulations. If folks are not allowed honest dissent in this 'free' country, I fear that we will soon see the kind of desperate attempts to be heard that we see in less 'free' parts of the world, say the Middle East. Tell me again what our troops are dying for in a foreign land? Oh, I forgot Ñ Halliburton.

Ray O'Driscoll


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