It would be the biggest deal in the five-year history of Morse and Newman General Contractors of Beaverton.

'It would be the icing on the cake for my company, to be honest,' says co-owner Anthony Newman, the former Beaverton High, University of Oregon and NFL standout.

And it won't even happen in Oregon. Trail Blazer Derek Anderson will build his dream home on an 18-acre plot of land he recently purchased in Louisville, Ky., and he has Morse and Newman in his plans.

'I will hire a company back home to build it, but (Morse and Newman) will do everything else,' says Anderson, who played at the University of Kentucky. 'They are already helping design it, helping me structure it, setting the size of the rooms, building the models, that sort of thing.'

Anderson says the home, which has a $6 million to $8 million budget, is something he's had in mind for the past few years.

'It won't be done until after I retire from the NBA,' he says. 'We will probably break ground in four years or so, and it will be an 18-month project. I want Anthony's company to help because they are good people. Anthony is an athlete himself, so I know he is not trying to stiff me.'

Anderson became interested in Newman when he saw the West Linn home where Damon Stoudamire resides. Newman's company built the house, and Newman lived in it for two years before selling it to Stoudamire.

'We have had several meetings between Derek and my architect and builder,' says Newman, who wants his company the do the actual construction on the home in Louisville. 'We will take a full-time foreman and utilize subcontractors in Louisville. We are not intimidated by what the size of the house will be. My partners worked for Disney Studios, building mansion-studio complexes.

'Funny thing is, Derek and I have similar tastes. We seem to have a connection on what we like in a home. I hope we are the builders, because we are designing to build, not just designing to design.'

Newman, who lives in Oregon City, will be back next fall for his third year as television analyst for Duck football on the Oregon Sports Network. The 30-minute 'Game Day' pre-game show will be expanded to an hour next season, he says.

'I enjoy doing it,' he says. 'It keeps me next to football, and that is my first love.'

Ñ Kerry Eggers

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