Scott Brosius was talking with his agent, Tony Attanasio, the other day. And in the course of the discussion, it was mentioned that Attanasio had a recent conversation with New York Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman, who inquired about whether Brosius might be interested in trying for a comeback.

The Yankees, you see, probably have lost third baseman Aaron Boone for the 2004 season due to injury.

Brosius, 37, retired after the 2001 season to devote himself to his wife and three children in McMinnville. The former Yankee third baseman is volunteer coach for the sports teams of all his kids, in addition to serving as an assistant coach at his alma mater, Linfield College.

'Tony asked me, 'Do you want me to get back to Cashman and see if he was serious?' ' Brosius says. 'I told him not to pursue it.

'I have to admit, there is still a little bit of an itch there for me. There is a side of me that wonders, 'Could I still pull it off?' That side is intriguing. But it comes down to the same things as when I retired. If I leave for spring training this month, I don't see my kids until June.'

And Brosius is a board member of the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation. He hosted what will become an annual golf tournament in honor of his late father, Maury, who died of the disease.

The Yankees settled for another player later: Alex Rodriguez.

• Mike Rich's name isn't in the credits, but he wrote every line of what I am guessing will be an Academy Awards finalist for best movie of 2004 Ñ 'Miracle,' the story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team.

The Portlander, who wrote the screenplay for such gems as 'Finding Forrester,' 'The Rookie' and 'Radio,' lost out in a Writers Guild of America battle with another screenwriter for credit, since the other writer's submission came first. Even the other writer feels bad. Rich's contributions were all-encompassing in a beautiful film, whose central character was coach Herb Brooks. Brooks died in a car accident last August as filming neared completion.

Last week, Rich flew to St. Paul, Minn., as a special guest as officials unveiled a bronze statue of the Hall of Fame coach outside the city's arena and convention center, which hosted the NHL All-Star Game.

Rich says the Olympic team members who watched the movie are 'ecstatic' over Kurt Russell's portrayal of Brooks.

'Rob McClanahan says it was haunting to watch,' Rich says. 'Herb was left-handed É he would drag his skates behind him as he talked to the team É the way he held the stick É the way his temples would bulge when he chewed gum É Kurt was spot-on in all of those things.

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