Portlanders respond to this question:

Will Multnomah County's decision to permit same-sex marriages be good or bad for Portland?

• Michelle Detwiler is a energy industry specialist who lives in Northeast Portland: 'It's hypocritical. The county commission violated its own open meetings and public participation policies. Gay marriage isn't the issue, respecting the law is. If they had tried to site a jail this way, they would have been hauled off to court in a heartbeat. There are appropriate ways to change the laws if you don't like them Ñ their way isn't it.'

• Richard Ellmyer is a computer technician and neighborhood activist from the Portsmouth neighborhood in North Portland: 'Good policy. Bad process. But no worse than Vice President Dick Cheney announcing national energy policy, then refusing to disclose the players. In comparison, Multnomah County doesn't look so bad.'

• Misha Isaak is a senior at Reed College who lives in Southeast Portland: 'The county's decision honors the diversity of religious views in Oregon about the sanctity of marriage. It should be celebrated as a victory for civil rights and religious pluralism.'

• Christopher Frankonis is a writer living in Southeast Portland: 'To live in a region that has chosen to run headfirst into one of the last remaining great civil rights battles is something to be celebrated. History is being written here, and it's the right kind of history.'

• Chuck Jones is a financial planner who lives in Johns Landing: 'Bad! I was out of state and could hear the reactions asthe events here made national news. There goes that 'crazy place' again.This will continue to keep businesses from locating or even caring to do business here.'

• Misti Wittenberg works in hotel management and lives in Northwest Portland: 'The commissioners' vigilante approach to legal changes Ñ completely disregarding the laws Ñ only endangers democracy.No matter your stance, laws must be altered by a vote of the people or a Legislature. Anything else is tyranny.'

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