Lillie Grau brings home numerous awards from Columbia County Fair
by: Submitted Photo FAIR CHAMP—Warren’s Lilly Grau won numerous awards in Trail and Western Equitation at the Columbia County Fair last month.

Working hard has its benefits, something Lillie Grau, 12, proved at this year's Columbia County Fair.

Grau and her horse, Cowgirl, brought home a heft load of awards from this year's 4-H competition at the fair.

Her accolades included: Champion in Trail; Champion in Western Equitation; Reserve Champion in Posters; Grand Champion in Horse Gaming; Champion in Keyhole; Champion in Pole Bending; Reserve Champion in Barrel Racing; Champion in Figure 8.

'We've been practicing and working really hard,' Grau said. Cowgirl is 20, and 14.1 hands. Grau inherited the horse from her stepmom's (Karen VanWinkle) daughter, Katie VanWinkle, who's now off to college. She also has another horse, Magic, but doesn't compete with the 15.2 hands horse.

Grau, a Warren resident, will attend Scappoose Middle School this fall. She's also working on learning the violin. She laughed when asked if she ever played on the horse. She didn't think Cowgirl would even notice.

She keeps her horses at their property in the summer, but boards them at Marcy Brumbaugh's during the cooler months. There is an arena there that she uses for training.

She plans to continue her horsemanship, and join the Scappoose High equestrian team when she enters high school. She also wants to try out for rodeo queen when she turns 16.

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