Excerpts from the City Club of Portland's March 26 presentation featuring City Council candidates Sam Adams and Nick Fish:

'Let's throw open the doors of City Hall and let a fresh breeze in. We do best when we do it with sunlight. The Armory deal, PGE Park, baseball, the reservoirs Ñ all those decisions would have benefited from more public input. I'm committed to getting the public back into the public process, and it starts by actually reaching out to people and inviting them into City Hall. Too many people É feel the door is closed to them.'

Ñ Nick Fish

'If we're serious about reforming the (police) oversight process, we also have to be serious about funding public safety. We have starved public safety in our community over the last five years, and we have paid a dear price for it. It is no coincidence in the fact that gang activity is up, property crimes are up, and people feel less secure in their neighborhoods when we have not filled 53 positions in our police bureau and we have cut back on essential services in our fire bureau.'

Ñ Fish

'As much as I love my former boss, I vehemently disagree with her when she says that Portland's reputation as an unfriendly place to do business is an urban myth. It's not. É With the best of intentions, the city of Portland does have unnecessary barriers to desirable business investment and reinvestment in the city.'

Ñ Sam Adams

'I'm not going to embrace any award for livability until (the city's academic achievement gap) is addressed. It breaks along the lines of race, ethnicity and household income, and it has to change. And it has to be all of us working together to change it. It isn't just up to the school district; the city and the county local governments can play an important part in that.'

Ñ Adams

'It's a well-kept secret today in Portland that there's an election. One of the problems is that the media hasn't covered this race. É You can't get on TV unless one of us kills the other.'

Ñ Fish

'Don't tempt me.'

Ñ Adams

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