Don't change things at Glendoveer

I'm a retired person who golfs at Glendoveer ('Crowd teed off at Metro plan,' in the Aug. 6 issue of The Outlook) from two to five times a week.

I just returned from the San Diego area, and all the golf clubs down there are experiencing a loss of revenue also. They are not trying to redo the size of their courses, but are offering discounts to get more people out. The one exception is Torrey Pines Golf Course (no discounts), but its revenue is also down.

My brother-in-law lives in Dallas, Texas, and he says that most new major housing developments are designed with a golf course included in the planning. If anything, just raise the green fees a dollar or two. There are many retired people up into their 90s who use Glendoveer every day.

John Misenhimer


Spend some money locally to help economy

I saw one today, and yesterday and the day before. What's that? A new car! Every day we go out, mostly in the Troutdale, Gresham and Rockwood area, we see a brand new car. It all started in January when I remarked that 'Someone had a nice Christmas.' We saw 11 new cars in nine days! Then we started watching in July again. Every day a new car (or more). Some people have enough confidence in their job and income that they feel comfortable in undertaking a new car payment. Receiving, processing and selling a new car helps the area's economy.

Now we may not feel the need to buy a vehicle, but there are other ways we may be able to help boost our local economy. One way is for us to all go out to eat as often as we did five years ago. Choosing local businesses to frequent will keep the money we spend circulating longer in the Troutdale, Gresham and Rockwood areas. There are a variety of locally owned restaurants and coffee shops available.

For those of us who can afford it, why not think about repair projects to our home? Does that fence need repair or replacing? What about a new deck? A landscaping upgrade? Maybe the bathroom needs painting, or the outside of the house? What about cutting that tree that worries you in the winter winds? Any kind of a job that requires you to hire local business people will put more money in circulation in this area.

Don't wait until the economy gets better. Some of our economic problems stem from people and businesses holding on tightly to their money. If you can afford to, spend some of it and watch area businesses hire more help.

Phyllis Hollingsworth


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