On Aug. 4, the Review published a story which shared with Oswegans progress being made along Boones Ferry Road.

The Review publicized the survey that was sent to all licensed businesses in the 97035 zip code, inviting addressees to share their thoughts on how things are now, and what might be improved in Lake Grove in the future. Quite a few recipients of the survey form have found the 5 minutes it takes to complete the survey and return it to us.

In order to make the survey sample more statistically valid, it would be great if others could reply. But if you didn't quite make the Aug. 15 deadline, you should know that your input will be considered if you get the survey back reasonably soon. This is the information that the Lake Grove Business Association needs to focus its attention and the city's on what business wants for Lake Grove.

At the same time as the article came out Mike Buck of Gubancs and Sid Smither of Lake Music hosted what the Review characterized as the 'Lake Grove Progress Tour.' There is progress along Boones Ferry Road and challenges, and the implementation of elements of the Lake Grove Village Center Plan will address those challenges. Getting across Boones Ferry Road anywhere besides the three crosswalks in the one-mile stretch between Kruse Way and Madrona is a death- defying experience. When my father was in town to celebrate his 90th birthday, one of his granddaughters invited him to La Provence for lunch. As is often the case, the parking lots at La Provence and Gubancs were full, so my dad parked in the non-public parking across the street at Ricardos (pointing out the need for public parking).

Dad gets along pretty good, but it was quite a hike up to the corner at Oakridge, across four lanes at Boones Ferry Road, and back to where his granddaughter was waiting for him just across the street from where he parked.

We don't need it all now. But, maybe a crosswalk, maybe a 'pearl' demonstrating the streetscape of the Village Center Plan. Maybe the acquisition of land for public parking. In any event, the Progress Tour was coordinated by the Lake Grove Business Association. The intended observers were city staff members who walked the walk from Hope Community Church at Twin Fir to Madrona, noting some nearly non-existent sidewalks, particularly on the north side of Boones Ferry Road, the rush of traffic between the curbs, and the points of opportunity suggested with the Village Center Plan.

Joining Mike and Sid on the tour were Bill Ward (Lake Grove Neighborhood Association), Carolyn Krebs (Lake Forest Neighborhood Association), Cheryl Uchida (Waluga Neighborhood Association), City Manager Alex Mcintyre, Planning's Denise Frisbee, Economic Development's Jane Blackstone, Engineering's Erica Rooney, Leslie Hamilton and Denny Egner of Planning, and Christine Kirk of Communications.

The representatives of our adjacent neighborhood associations were good enough to ferry the walkers back to the Hope Community Church. The photo in the Review showed 'progress' - a photo of the 'sidewalk' in front of Ricardos would have shown an 'opportunity' to be addressed with the implementation of the Lake Grove Village Center Plan.

Thanks to our neighbors for joining us on the tour. Thanks to the Review. And thanks to the city for moving us forward.

John W. 'Jack' Lundeen is the president of the Lake Grove Business Association.

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