by: Jim Hart, Grant Baker stands in the middle of some of the trophies and other awards that adorn the shelves of his shop in Sandy. Baker took over the business when the previous owner retired, and he plans to expand its offerings.

Grant Baker is into competition. He not only sells all types of awards for contests and encourages his children at sports events, he also believes he can run a business as well as his wife, Tiffany, who operates The Buzz @ Bakers Barber Shop in Sandy.

So Baker recently took over the business Awards and More when the former owner retired.

The trophy shop is tucked back into a corner, unseen from the boulevards, off Proctor in the breezeway between Stephanie's Café and The Buzz @ Bakers Barber Shop.

Visitors will find a multitude of trophies for every occasion and other types of awards when they find the shop by parking just west of the Ace Hardware parking lot and looking north for the signs.

Baker says his awards are not just for sports, but for any type of competition as well as participation awards.

'I can build a trophy to represent any event you have,' he said. 'I have a large selection of all types of events - not just sports. A few examples are shooting, snowmobiling, tractor shows, race cars, horseback riding, hunting, darts, pool and sailing - anything you can think about.'

Other types of work he produces include signs, names for desk tops, name tags to be worn, dog tags, and custom engravings such as for weddings or anniversaries or even initials engraved on pocket knives. He also does laser etchings on wood.

Baker has hand skills and dexterity gained through his years as a machinist, when he learned to work with computer programs that control etching and engraving. His eye for detail also helps.

Baker has his roots planted deeply in this area, preceded by grandparents Loraine Domine of Sandy and Tom and Carol Maes of Boring and parents Tim and Shelley Baker of Sandy.

Baker graduated from Sandy High School in 1999 and began to work at Oregon Iron Works with his father. He says doing awards and working as a machinist require very similar skills and similar equipment. Later he moved to Oregon Steel Mills.

'I began (after high school graduation) to operate milling and etching machines (at Oregon Iron Works),' he said, 'and we had a job for NASA where I operated an engraving machine for the first time.'

As a teenager, Baker taught himself fine hand motor skills while he was building and racing stock cars (NASCAR), which gives him something to talk about with customers who are interested.

In the future, Baker intends to produce door signs announcing business names and open hours, and he wants to become a local wholesale vendor and place his products in local stores.

Awards and More is at 39084 Proctor Blvd., in the breezeway just east of Stephanie's Café. It is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and by appointment. For more information, call 503-668-7717 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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