Thank you to the good Samaritan from Sandy

My husband and I were on holiday staying in Hood River this past week. While there, we had the good fortune to meet a great couple from Sandy. On a beautiful sunny day we thought we would take a drive around Mount Hood and admire the beautiful views. What we did not anticipate on a beautiful sunny late May day was snow, or getting stuck in the snow.

What is most embarrassing about this event is that my husband and I are from Calgary, Alberta. Who should know better how to not get stuck in the snow but two Canadians? Never mind two Canadians from the Rocky Mountains; of course we know there is still snow in the mountains in May.

Dan and his wife heard our tires spinning and came to our aid. With a 4x4 pickup that even he wouldn't dare try and drive through the snow, he quickly extracted our poor little Pontiac Vibe and had us on our way. My husband assures me he would have had us dug out before nightfall, and knowing his tenacity I have no doubt he is correct.

Dan's assistance definitely had us back on the road a little faster and certainly gave us a good story to tell to many an amused listener.

So this is just a thank you to Dan and his wife for taking the time to stop and assist us and only tease us a little.

They have certainly reminded us that there are many good souls out there and gave us one more in a number of lovely memories of our trip to the Mount Hood area.

Derek and Rebecca Collins

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Firewood program has many supporters

The article on the AntFarm in the May 8 edition of the Sandy Post was excellent. They are a great asset to our community, and well worth front-page coverage.

In the article you mentioned the Community Firewood Program. I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the businesses in our community who have partnered with the Sandy Kiwanis, Sandy Senior Center and AntFarm to help with this program.

Longview Timber has been a generous sponsor of the program for quite a few years. They have opened sections of their land and allowed volunteers to collect wood from forest residual piles, to help stock the Sandy Kiwanis wood site. They also have made a generous monetary donation to both AntFarm and the Sandy Senior Center. The donation was used to offset some of the fuel costs of delivering the firewood, and also to support the AntFarm building and activities in the community. Additionally, thanks go to Timber Technologies who have graciously donated their mill ends and scrap pieces of lumber to the program. These dry mill-ends have gotten many low-income individuals through the last few rainy, cold months of spring. This partnership of business, nonprofit and service groups is a wonderful success story. It provides a valuable and essential service to those in need in our community.

Dena Isbell

Client Service Coordinator

Sandy Senior Center

Sandy Actors Theatre play a pleasure

Last Thursday evening I had the pleasure of seeing the preview of Sandy Actors Theatre's production of 'The Rabbit Hole.' I laughed, I cried, and I clapped my hands until they stung. The acting was superb, the set is marvelously detailed, and the play is the kind of stellar script one would expect from a work that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007. This play, and this production, is so good that I am planning on going back twice more, with friends in tow.

I am concerned that the word 'dark' comes up so often when people talk or write about this play. Here are some other words that describe this play: heartfelt, serious, intelligent, real, believable, insightful, astute, brilliant, genuine, profound, honest, comic, well-played, and hilarious. Yes, a play about grief can make you laugh. It can be serious and still be fun.

If you miss this play because you think you're not up for something 'dark,' you will miss perhaps the best play Sandy Actors Theatre has ever done.

Stevan Allred


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