Young voters ought to want answers for themselves about the Obama administration's agenda of a 'fundamentally changing America' before going into the voting booth and, as suggested in a recent guest column by professor Russ Dondero, casting a ballot for his re-election.

Here are a number of economic questions which definitely need to be addressed by these young voters, by all voters really.

Obama promised the unemployment rate would not be more than 8 percent if he was allowed to spend the $800 billion of taxpayer funded 'stimulus' money to help us recover. Has unemployment been under 8 percent during his time in office?

If he is allowed another four years, do you believe his unchanging economic policies will offer you anything but the same economic conditions?

Is the economic climate ripe for you to find a job when you complete your schooling? If you would like, do you really believe you should marry and start a family under these conditions?

Obama has 'mortgaged' your future by loading trillions of dollars onto the national debt. This 'commitment to pay' has been placed directly on your shoulders. Will you be able to afford this unavoidable 'obligation to pay' and support your future family? Are you aware that each of your children will have a debt of $50,000 placed on their shoulders by Obama's economic policies at the very moment of their birth?

A key to a successful economy is energy. Are you aware Obama has steadfastly refused to guarantee your long-term energy independence by blocking all efforts to find resources at home and to build the facilities necessary to refine them? Do you really believe you will run your car or heat your home in your lifetime without oil and gas?

Will windmills, solar panels or blue algae replace them? Have you asked why Obama rejected the pipeline from Canada which would provide jobs and oil from a friendly neighbor? Are you aware of the current status of the 'alternative energy' companies run by Obama supporters and picked by Obama to receive billions in subsidies and grants from the 'stimulus' money pot?

A few examples to consider: Solyndra received a $500 million loan and is now bankrupt; Raser Technologies received a $33 million grant and is now in bankruptcy with $1.5 million in taxes owing; First Solar received $3 billion in loan guarantees and has reported $401 million in costs relating to firing 30 percent of its workforce. Do you want this practice to continue?

Obama has taken over private enterprise under the guise of 'saving' it. Is your future right to the 'private property' you earn guaranteed by this kind of action? Will Obama's 'redistribution of your future earned wealth,' where he, in the pursuit of 'fairness,' gets to choose who will receive it, be in the best long term interest of your new family?

Where does the private sector, the sector that will provide most of your employment, fit into Obama's agenda?

Do you think it is essential for the success of your family to live on a budget? Are you aware Obama has not produced a budget for our country during his entire term? Did you know the two he has proposed were unanimously struck down by all Democrats in the U.S. Senate?

Obama said if he didn't cure the economic problems of the nation in one term he didn't deserve another. Has he cured them? Does he really deserve a second term?

Obama and the professor want to give you the 'guarantee' of 'equality of outcome' where everyone gets their 'fair share' in life. The founders of our country wanted to 'guarantee' your 'opportunity' to pursue 'happiness' and to rise to whatever level in life your capabilities can take you, all without the intervention of government.

Do Obama and the professor sound good to you? Then be prepared to stand in line waiting for handouts from other humans who decide what you will get.

Do the desires of the founders sound good to you? Then be prepared to work for what you get, but it will be yours to keep and no government will be able to take it away.

James R. Shores lives in Forest Grove.

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