All schools to see improvements

School may be ending for the year, but workers are just getting started on a laundry list of upgrades and maintenance in a number of school buildings. In large part, the projects are being completed under the umbrella of the 2008 bond, which funneled $98 million for capital projects to the West Linn-Wilsonville School District upon the approval of voters.

While two of the biggest expenses in the bond are two new primary schools, which are expected to be completed this summer at around $25 million each, there is still a large portion of the money that has gone to projects across the district.

'So many school districts get behind, and fortunately for us, we're not,' said Tim Woodley, director of operations for the school district. 'For the parents and kids to have facilities that look good, function well and are reliable and safe ... the bond has been amazingly helpful through these tough years.'

If it weren't for the bond, the school district would be forced to do only the maintenance that was absolutely necessary, such as the failure of a boiler.

'General fund money does not exist for deferred maintenance,' Woodley said.

While there are numerous small projects around the district, the only ones that come before the school board for approval are those budgeted at more than $100,000.

Last week, the school board awarded three contracts for construction projects at Athey Creek Middle School, Stafford Primary School, Bolton Primary School and Cedaroak Park Primary School.

First Cascade Corporation will complete the work at Athey Creek and Stafford for $205,800.

At Athey Creek, the work includes select interior door replacements; interior painting in the public areas; flooring for the entryway, office, health room and staff lounge; panels for the gym walls; countertops for the science rooms including chemical-resistant laminate; and various other smaller scope interior improvements. Workers will also clean the interior in high-up public areas and do exterior power washing.

The annex at Stafford will get new flooring, while the multipurpose room will get new acoustic panels as well as a new paint job on the walls.

Columbia Cascade will be stabilizing the creek bank on the Bolton school grounds for $149,750. The contract includes landscape restoration and the placement of a trash compactor.

RMS Pump will be replacing the storm drainage system at Cedaroak Park Primary for $168,470. The work includes decommissioning existing dry wells and installing a new stormwater collection and conveyance infrastructure and stormwater detention pond to manage stormwater from the building.

A contract will be awarded at a special board meeting on Friday for projects at Willamette Primary School, which includes installing a trash compactor, a new learning garden, courtyard improvements, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalks, a water line to the building and a site generator. Before the bid, Woodley estimated at project costs at Willamette would be around $290,000.

A handful of contractors will do smaller projects at Sunset Primary School, West Linn High School and Rosemont Ridge Middle School.

At Sunset, some planned work includes: a new trash compactor with an enclosure, painting the exterior, painting interior corridors and the gymnasium and removing three trees.

'We're going to propose through land use permitting to do some site work on property that used to be in Sunset Park but now is school district property,' Woodley said.

A few years ago, the city swapped about seven acres of former school district property at Parker Road for 1.6 acres of the city's Sunset Park.

'There is a wading pool there now and we're going to turn it into more of an outdoor learning space,' he said.

At Rosemont Ridge, work will be pretty simple. The exterior steel will be repainted this summer.

At West Linn High School, the stadium will also be painted this summer, and there will be drainage work at the rear of the school site around the baseball and football fields. Also, the commons area will get a new heating and air conditioning unit.

Not all of the bond work will be completed this summer. Woodley expects it to go through next summer and perhaps even beyond. One big project still being designed is the renovation of the WLHS parking lots, which is still in process at the city's planning commission. The project is proposing to expand parking, including new handicapped spaces, add storm piping to allow proper drainage and add parking lot lighting. The work will be done next summer.

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