Jonathan Lee Riches known for prolific, bizarre court filings

The world's most litigious man recently tried to sign on as an intervener in the federal lawsuit calling for public access to private Oswego Lake.

Jonathan Lee Riches made a motion in U.S. District Court to intervene in the suit filed last month by Lake Oswego resident Todd Prager, a local planning commissioner and city of Tigard arborist, and Portland attorney Mark Kramer. The two, both enthusiasts of recreation on the water, contend the city of Lake Oswego violated their constitutional rights by approving rules that prohibit lake entry from public parks.

The Lake Oswego Corporation, which has deeds to the lakebed, is not named in the lawsuit, but it's possible Lake Corp. shareholders will intervene to protect their private property rights. Federal rules allow people to 'intervene,' or join in, litigation when the case's resolution could affect their rights or property interests. The city has not yet responded to the suit.

In his motion to join the case, Riches makes some wild claims. He says he has 'newly discovered evidence' supporting Kramer and Prager's arguments, contending the city violated his constitutional rights and is 'hiding important documents in a under water bubble capsul at the bottom of the lake which holds secret documents.'

He names various celebrities and other widely known individuals, both real and fictional, including Kim Kardashian, Moses and Jason, the maniacal murderer in a hockey mask from 'Friday the 13th.' Riches claims the lawsuit defendants - the city government, in other words - called on Jason to chase him around the lake with a steak knife and to cut out his voice box to keep him from 'whistle blowing' on pollution.

His roughly 300-word motion, written entirely in capital letters, also contains references to waterboarding, skinny-dipping, the birther movement, Wiccan dancing, pagan rituals and goat masks.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Riches, 35, was released from federal prison April 30 after serving time for wire fraud. He has filed thousands of federal lawsuits, many dismissed or otherwise discharged for various reasons, according to a search of federal court records. He once filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to keep the Guinness Book of World Records from naming him as the most litigious person in history. Some of his more recent complaints are against Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Tim Duncan, Star Trek and DNA.

His motion to intervene in the Lake Oswego case was sent from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Judge Ancer Haggerty last week denied Riches' motion, declaring it 'frivolous.'

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