A Lake Oswego woman is safe after being pulled out to sea in a rip current off the Oregon coast on Sunday.

Koin Local 6 reported Ashley Kinnan, 25, was swimming at the beach in Lincoln City that day. She was floating in an inner tube when she realized she had drifted far from shore and couldn't make it back.

Someone on the beach attempted to help by swimming out to her, but then he also became stranded. Rescue crews also encountered some trouble: Two rescue swimmers attempting to tow in Kinnan, and the good Samaritans lost their rope. Finally, however, a Jet Ski picked them up and brought them to safety.

"I'm so thankful," Kinnan told Koin Local 6, noting she was lucky to have an intertube and that, from now, on she'll pay more attention when swimming in the ocean.

"This could have turned out extremely different," she said.

North Lincoln Fire and Rescue's Water Rescue Team, which saved the pair on Sunday as well as three more people struggling in the surf on Monday, attributed both incidents to rip currents. On its Facebook page, the team warned people to "please be aware and learn how to recognize dangers when near or in the ocean."

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