April 2 attacker followed Beaverton woman's family on Tuesday

When Mauricio Beltran-Trejo would send his girlfriend's five children off to play in a nearby park, the girlfriend knew the sanctity of her Beaverton apartment was about to be violently disrupted.

Sadly, the children, who were spared the man's outbursts, also knew.

'He would send the children to the park,' she said. 'They knew when he sent them to the park that I would be hit.'

The woman shared her secrets of a tumultuous two-year relationship with Beltran-Trejo - that police said culminated April 2 with a brutal rape and attempt to kill her - in a news conference Friday afternoon at the Beaverton Resource Center on Allen Boulevard.

The woman, who did not want her name used, arranged the news conference with the Beaverton Police Department in hopes of letting more people know that her attacker remains on the loose and needs to be removed from the streets. Driving along Main Street in Hillsboro with her children on Tuesday, the family was terrified to discover the mother's former boyfriend was following them in a an old model, blue pickup truck.

'When she saw him, I saw how scared she was,' the victim said Friday of her daughter. 'I don't want her to be scared. It's time for him to be caught. I don't think he's done with what he wanted to do.'

Beaverton police, in cooperation with its Crime Stoppers unit, is again asking the public's help in locating Beltran-Trejo, who is wanted on accusations of sexual assault and attempted murder. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

Thought to be living with friends somewhere in the Beaverton-Hillsboro area, Beltran-Trejo is described as a 35-year old, 5-foot, 7-inches tall Hispanic man with black hair, brown eyes and weighing approximately 190 pounds, said Mike Rowe, public information officer with the Beaverton Police Department.

Known to frequent area bars, the suspect has worked in the janitorial and nursery industries.

Anyone who has seen him or knows the man's location is asked to immediately call the Beaverton police at 503-629-0111.

Rowe said the victim asked Beaverton police to help her share her experience to help her family as well as others in similar situations.

'She wanted to be able to tell her story, and she wanted the community to realize that this (kind of crime) does happen,' he said. 'This young lady is living fear. What she saw on Tuesday just terrified her.'

At the time of the April 2 assault, Beltran-Trejo and the victim had not been in a relationship for about three years. The suspect learned, based on an unidentified legal infraction, that he would be deported to Mexico. The victim said the suspect was angered when she refused to wait on his legal return to Oregon.

'He threatened to kill me if he came back,' she said Friday, describing Beltran-Trejo as a heavy drinker and cocaine abuser. 'When he first got deported, he would call an harass us until I changed phone numbers."

On one apparent visit to the area from Mexico, Beltran-Trejo tried to contact her. The victim and her children promptly moved to another location.

She saw him around the area again, but said she 'didn't think anything of it.' About a week before the April 2 attack, she saw him again. The victim found a note at her new apartment 'saying he was gonna kill me," she said. "I didn't think he would go that far.'

The morning of April 2, after sending her young son off to school, she learned otherwise.

'I had just locked the door (behind him), and I heard what sounded like (my son) trying to come back in the house,' the victim recalled. 'He pushed his way in and grabbed my hair and choked me until I was unconscious.'

When she regained consciousness, the victim heard water running in the bathroom. She fled the apartment and called police at a neighbor's house.

The victim and her children moved from the Faircrest Manor Apartments, where the attack occurred, to what the victim described as a 'safe location.'

On Tuesday, when Beltran-Trejo appeared in her rear-view mirror, she was reminded of her and her family's vulnerability.

'He was right behind us,' she said of Beltran-Trejo in a blue truck she'd never seen before. 'He followed us a couple of blocks.'

Apparently seeing the victim on her cell phone calling 911, Beltran-Trejo turned onto another street, Rowe said. The victim hasn't seen him or the truck since.

Recalling the two years with Beltran-Trejo as being filled with 'constant violence,' the victim attributed his mood shifts to abuse of alcohol and drugs. Beyond the safety of her own family, the victim said she's concerned for anybody who might cross him at the wrong time.

'I think he would target other people,' she said. 'He's here, and somebody has to see him. He has to be caught before he does something again.'

Speaking after the news conference on Friday, Officer Rowe said he believed the suspect was doing his best to keep a low profile and has no knowledge of Beltran-Trejo harming other victims since the April 2 assault.

Noting Beltran-Trejo was known to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Rowe said he was unclear about the extent of his prior criminal record.

'This man has committed a very violent crime,' he said. 'Ultimately, we want to make sure he's captured so he doesn't continue to terrorize this victim.

'I believe his friends are helping him,' Rowe added. 'If you are a friend of his, you need to call the police.'

Asked by a news reporter if she had anything to share with Beltran-Trejo's friends who may be harboring him, the victim was unequivocal.

'You know, give him up,' she said. 'He's not worth hiding. He's ruined too many lives before. He's not worth protecting.'

To leave a Crime Stoppers tip online, visit, text Crimes (274637) and type 823HELP in the subject line, followed by the tip, or call 503-823-HELP (4357) and leave tip information.

To download the Crime Stoppers application for an iPhone or Droid, visit

Those who report sightings to the police will remain anonymous.

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