Player of the Year

Mason Dunning, Putnam

Pitchers of the Year

Keynan Middleton, Milwaukie

Clayton Gelfand, Wilsonville

Coach of the Year

Joe Strohmaier, Sherwood

First Team

Putnam - Seniors Mason Dunning (first base) and Zach Martin (outfield) and juniors Evan Lochridge (pitcher) and Eli Skiles (outfield)

Milwaukie - Senior Keynan Middleton (pitcher and first base)

Liberty - Seniors Alex Rose (catcher) and Brett Bafaro (outfield), and junior Dakota Drake (infield)

Sandy - Senior Kendall Main (infield) and junior Justin Adams (utility)

Wilsonville - Juniors Clayton Gelfand (pitcher and infield) and Colton Muir (designated hitter)

Sherwood - Seniors Taylor Bonawitz (pitcher), Jon Dailey (infield) and Connor Munro (outfield); and junior Joe Balfour (infield)

Second Team

Putnam - Seniors Mason Dunning (pitcher), Nathan Edwards (infield) and Jeremy Thompson (outfield); and sophomore Trace Loehr (infield)

Milwaukie - Junior Jason Espinoza (outfield)

Liberty - Senior Nolan Selby (utility), and juniors Kevin Lave (pitcher and first base) and Dakota Drake (pitcher)

Sandy - Seniors Cameron Pellecer (pitcher), Erik Churchill (infield), Brad Martin (infield) and Rosalio Menchaca (designated hitter); and sophomore Bryce Tilton (outfield)

Wilsonville - Juniors Gunner Pollman (catcher) and Tanner Shipley (outfield)

Parkrose - Junior Robert Curtain (infield)

Sherwood - Senior Taylor Bonawitz (outfield) and freshman Zak Taylor (first base)

Honorable Mention

Milwaukie - Senior Ryan Harp (infield) and junior Steven Yerman (infield)

St. Helens - Seniors Tyler Stewart (catcher) and Drake Moseley (outfield), and freshman Bryce Sanford (pitcher)

Liberty - Senior Nolan Selby (infield) and juniors Zach Chitwood (infield) and Kevin Lave (first base)

Sandy - Seniors Rosalio Menchaca (pitcher) and Steven Neumann (catcher), juniors Justin Adams (pitcher) and Scooter Turin (utility), and sophomore Cody Welty (designated hitter)

Wilsonville - Seniors Josh Holmes (first base) and Kyle Austin (infield), junior Colton Muir (pitcher) and sophomore Jake Jennings (pitcher)

Sherwood - Seniors Nate Montgomery (pitcher) and Travis Dyer (catcher), and junior Joe Balfour (pitcher)

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