Evan McClelland of Milwaukie won Best in Show with his boat 'Dairy Air' at the Dairy Farmers of Oregon Milk Carton Boat Race held June 11 at Westmoreland Park Casting Pond in Sellwood. This is McClelland's second Best in Show with past honors in 2010. by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Evan McClelland of Milwaukie puts some muscle into winning his second Best in Show with 'Dairy Air' at Westmoreland Park Casting Pond.

Children and adults paraded their creatively crafted showboats and raced the width of the pond on hand-made boats that floated entirely by milk cartons and milk jugs. The pond was full of unique boats from the yellow brick road and Dorothy in the 'Land of Oz' to the bicycle powered 'OS-CAR.'

'We saw creative engineering and artistic spirit on the pond,' said Pete Kent, Executive Director of the Oregon Dairy Products Commission. 'The Milk Carton Boat Race is just one of the many ways Oregon's dairy farm families connect with and support their local community.'

The race returned to Portland in 2009 after a seven-year hiatus. This classic Rose Festival event was revived by the Dairy Farmers of Oregon in celebration of June being National Dairy Month.

The day boasted 85 total competitors racing in front of a packed audience.

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