Lawsuit a certainty over rain gardens

According to the major article today (Aug. 17), 'City, developers gush over rain gardens' on the bio-swales (now euphemistically called 'rain gardens'), which were forced on us by our grand-thinking planners.

While they gush, I hope the city is salting some extra cash away to pay the inevitable legal claims from citizens tumbling into bio-swales and being injured as a result. That will happen, perhaps more than once, before someone gets smart and fills them all in, since they are built at least a foot below grade, just the perfect distance to break ankles and hips in our older citizens out for a stroll, or our younger citizens surfing the sidewalks on their longboards or Razors.

By the way, residents will come to hate that spike-grass being planted in the swales, because it becomes a noxious weed. I made the mistake 17 years ago of letting my landscaper plant just five plants of that green horror, and I removed them 10 years ago, but still the accursed spike-grass keeps popping up from seeds, which can sprout years later. It will turn out to be a botanical faux pas on the order of the sidewalk maples.

The wealth of our citizen's experience is the proper counter for the misguided zeal of the planners, but who will tell our Emperor he has no clothes on?

George Schneider


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