by: STOCK.XCHNG - PGE recently presented 52 ORegon cities with chekcs totaling more than $50 millionMoney comes from payments the electric company passes on for the right to operate in the city

Eleven Washington County cities, including Sherwood, recently received checks from Portland General Electric, payment from annual franchise fees and privilege taxes the electric company pays for the right to operate within a municipality.

This year, Sherwood received $407,164, out of total city payments of $11.8 million throughout the county.

"Oregon is our home and we want to support the communities where we live and work," said Mark Fryburg, PGE government affairs director for Washington County. "These payments give PGE a way to support city services as we continue to provide residents and businesses with safe and reliable power."

The amount PGE pays a city ranges from 3.5 to 5 percent of the annual gross revenue earned within that city and depends on whether a privilege tax in addition to the franchise fee was adopted. For 2012, PGE presented 52 Oregon cities with checks totaling more than $50 million.

Meanwhile, here's how other nearby cities fared: King City, $90,535; Beaverton, $2.75 million; Tigard, $1.65 million; and Tualatin, $1.1 million.

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