Engaged in public health

As a member of the Columbia Health Coalition, I would like to extend a special thanks and acknowledgment to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for sponsoring ACHIEVE, or Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and EnVironmental changE. Their trickle-down and direct-funding grants to the National Association of County and City Health Officials and other organizations played an integral role in the transition to what is now known as the Columbia Health Coalition, composed chiefly of front line volunteers.

Through this partnership and the various local community programs, CHC has been able to play an important part in implementing strategies that support and sustain healthy lifestyles where people live, work, learn and play in Columbia County, which is also represented by our logo, and goals of CHC.

I think I speak for the other volunteers when I say the volunteers would like to especially thank the Public Health Foundation for the invaluable help of Ashley Swanson and Sherrie Ford of Public Health. Their leadership has been instrumental in creating and sustaining the successful, long term engagement of county and community coalition dedicated volunteers.

Bill Blank

Scappoose Community Club Farmers' Market

Caples House gives thanks for help

The Caples Museum Building and Grounds Committee would like to acknowledge our faithful donors that help us financially to support the Caples House Museum and grounds.

The following people have enabled us to continue our work bringing Columbia County history alive: Ms. Carol Campbell, Mrs. Barbara Wray, Mrs. Diane Wheatly, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bigelow, Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Mills, Ms. Nancy Cutler, Mrs. Susan Owen, Mrs. Phyllis Kingman, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gordon, and Miss Rachel and Miss Rebecca Freitag.

Colleen Menze

The Caples Museum

Columbia City

Church should use its voice

The "Church" does not have, nor should it have, political clout; not direct political or even economic clout.

But the church does have, indeed should have, a voice.

Use it.

Capt. Dean Nichols


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