UPDATE • Mayor Adams wants bureau employees to follow rules

The head of the Portland Police Bureau's Traffic Division has been reassigned while he is being investigated for a possible off-duty road rage incident in Idaho.

The incident happened 10 days before police disclosed it.

According to the police, Capt. Todd Wyatt was on vacation in Idaho early this month. He is accused of brandishing a pistol during an incident with another driver in the Post Falls, Idaho, area.

The Idaho State Police say a resident reported a road rage incident in which a handgun was displayed at about 11 a.m. on Aug. 13. The incident happened on Interstate 90 about six miles from the Washington state border. The person who filed the report told police a blue Ford F150 pickup truck was heading west into Washington.

Officers tried to stop the truck, but were not able to. Washington State Patrol officers then stopped the truck.

Washington officers say the pickup truck is registered to Wyatt and his wife. Their reports say the truck driver pointed a pistol at another driver in Idaho.

Wyatt was not arrested at that time of the incident and the investigation was turned over to Idaho State Police.

During the investigation, Wyatt has been temporarily assigned to the Drugs and Vice Division. Lt. Eric Chober has been appointed acting captain of the traffic division.

Wyatt is the fifth bureau employee to face serious driving-related charges in the past nine months. Four other officers have been cited for off-duty driving while intoxicated incidents.

The bureau declined comment Tuesday afternoon on the incident.

Later in the day, Mayor Sam Adams, who is Police Commissioner, released this statement:

'The Portland Police Bureau has hard-working men and women that go beyond what it takes to keep the peace. That is why I take reports of officer behavior, both on- and off-duty, seriously. I met with Chief Mike Reese today regarding a recently reported incident, and we will redouble our efforts to educate and train officers of the Police Bureau's code of conduct.

'Each case is being investigated and I am confident that there will be a fair and timely conclusion.'

Fox 12 contributed to this story.

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