The News-Times' initial story about the death of Navy corpsman Ryley Gallinger-Long, which was published Saturday, Aug. 13 on-line, drew several comments. Here's a sample:

To me, Ryley was one of those people you never think about having to live without. Whether he was 5 miles away, or 5,000 miles away, I never considered not being able to see him again. He was a great friend, always smiling, and always greeted me with a big warm hug. I've never heard him say anything negative about anyone. I always pictured my wedding day with the Gallinger twins there side by side ready to harass my groom as soon as we stepped off the alter. Losing him has reminded me that nothing in this world is here to stay. You never know who will be here tomorrow, so don't take anyone for granted. If you miss someone, let them know before it is too late.

Amanda Nichols

Being a Marine from Forest Grove, I would like to first thank Ryley for his service as a corpsman. He was one grade under me, and was one of those guys who can lighten the mood in any setting. RIP Ryley, you will never be forgotten.


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