Man said he was uninjured and refused medical treatment

Firefighters from the Banks Fire District and Hillsboro Fire and Rescue rescued a Beaverton man Monday afternoon who was stranded after falling off a cliff in rural Washington County.

Rescue crews were dispatched to the area off Sherman Hill Road around 2 p.m. after Jason Henry, 32, called 911 from his cell phone to report the mishap.

Washington County Sheriff's deputies were able to find Henry, a Beaverton resident, based on information he provided in the call. Henry, who used a whistle to help rescuers locate him, told rescuers that he was bow hunting on land owned by Longview Timber when he fell over the edge of the cliff.

He tumbled nearly 100 feet down a steep hillside and stopped his fall by grabbing onto a tree. Henry said he managed to find a somewhat secure position, about 40 feet above the ravine floor, by squatting on a tree stump and called for help from there.

Henry had survival gear, including water, knife, whistle and the cell phone, with him.

Hillsboro Fire and Rescue's Technical Rescue firefighters responded to the incident to assist Banks firefighters. The technical rescue team sent down two firefighters on ropes to reach Henry and secure him to his own rope. Firefighters at the top of the cliff set up a haul system to raise all three to safety.

Saying he was unhurt, Henry refused medical treatment and walked back to his pickup truck.

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