Mayoral candidates will speak on Wednesday, Sept.19

Labor Day has come and gone, and to me that event signals change. Next Tuesday, Sept. 18, is an election day. I hope you are registered to vote and will cast your ballot in time — unless you’ve already done so.

And there’s more change to come.

It’s common knowledge that older people often have problems with change, and my delight in finding quotes on the subject produced an array of “wisdom.”John Steinback said, “It is the nature of a man, as he grows older to protest against change, particularly change for the better.”

According to H.G. Wells, “The past is but the beginning of the beginning.” The possibilities for change are greater than usual this year. The major political parties are telling us of the good and the bad that may result from the November election.

We hear please from present congressman and those who are hopeful. The same questions about change come from those seeking spots in Salem.

So my question is: What change might result from local votes? Do we know what changes might come with our choices for city or county officials? What about local ballot measures?

What’s important about how we vote is knowing, or at least having informed guesses, about what change might result. What will make positive changes and which would not?

Several of us at Mary’s Woods independent living residence plan to help with election information and share it with Lake Oswego friends and neighbors. Nonpartisan voter information sessions will be here in the Mary’s Woods Auditorium.

Questions that will be addressed include: What ballot measures affect services or property taxes or responsiveness to local concerns? What are local candidates’ goals for our town?

On Sept. 5 we heard two speakers tell us about the pros and cons of the county ballot measure on transit. Now we want to hear from candidates for mayor and city council.

Jean Hoffman and I invite readers of this column and other Lake Oswego residents to our nonpartisan voter information events to meet candidates for mayor and city council. The mayors forum is 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept.19.

City council candidates will speak on Oct. 10.

Now those dates seem far away to me, but there’s more planning to do. We want to share meetings with neighbors who want to learn more before they vote. Currently we’re working on ways to make parking easily available — probably a shuttle for people from a parking area to the main entrance. We also plan to have available nonpartisan information about state ballot measures and how to vote by mail.

Voters can lead to the beginning of the beginning. Change will happen and unexpected consequences will be fewer if we understand the candidates and ballot measure. Mark your calendars. I look forward to seeing you.

Stories for Positive Aging is a semi-monthly column on senior issues written by Lake Oswego author of “ Facing Age, Finding Answers” Ardis Stevenson. She can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by regular mail at 17440 Holy Names Drive, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

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