by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - This 18x24 acrylic by Jean Thomas of Lake Oswego is titled 'Turbine Terpsichore,' and is one of a number of paintings she made after visiting Faraday Powerhouse. Her work, along with all of the other artists, will be on display at the Estacada Public Library beginning Sept. 15.After two days of sketching, photographing and scouting out the Faraday Powerhouse, the artists from the “Estacada on the Clackamas: The Powerhouse Project” are finally ready to show off their work.

Their art, which is made up of videos, paintings, photographs and more will be on display at the Estacada Public Library from Sept. 15 until early January.

Jane Reid of the the Estacada Area Arts Commission describes the project as a “multi-year exploration of (the) industrial structures that shaped Estacada’s history.”

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - This work was from Chris Mooney, who can be seen sketching the outline of this piece in the accompanying photo.“We see this as an exciting way to explore and celebrate the history, geography and natural beauty of our community through the work of local visual artists, writers, musicians and historians,” she said.

Having already visited a number of powerhouses in the past, artists visited the Faraday Powerhouse, lake and diversion dam for two days in May. In total, 24 artists visited the site, which has been in operation since 1914.

A reception will be held for the artists from 6-8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 14, at the library. Among the mediums represented are oil and acrylic painting, quilting, woodworking, felting, watercolors, collage, sculpture, ceramics and writing.

by: PHOTO BY JEFF SPIEGEL - The artists featured are Sue Allen, Stevan Amick,, Eileen Belanger, Nina Bradford, Leslie Cheney-Parr, Shannon Covington, Am Griswold, Katherine Hurd, Julius Kuziemski, Thea Kuziemski, Bonnie Larson, Phil Lingelbach, Earlean Marsh, Christopher Mooney, Leslie Peterson, Neal Philpott, Pam Randall, Anette Reisbick, Susan Schenk, Jeff Schnabel, Jean Thomas, Nolene Triska and Dean Walch.

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