Documentary reveals Obama’s motivation

This upcoming election is the most serious one ever facing this nation. I just returned from seeing the movie “2016: Obama’s America.”

It reveals why Obama feels the way he does about America. He is the first president who does not publicly honor the god of our nation.

He had a very hard beginning in his childhood with an absentee father and anti-American associates in his higher education days of college and thereafter, which influenced him in areas that were not American.

I recommend everyone see this documentary as it sheds light on things we did not know about him.

We are all influenced by our upbringing. Even though I believe President Obama is a good father and husband, has a very charismatic personality and finds it easy to influence people, we need a president who will honor the biblical principles upon which this nation was established.

The Bible states that “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” If we refuse to acknowledge God as authority over America, we will destroy ourselves.

I encourage everyone reading this letter to see the movie and vote in November with understanding for whom you elect. Our future depends on you.

Jan Landis

Southeast Portland

Mayor right to stand up to Portland

I want to give kudos to Mayor Shane Bemis for standing up to the “big brother” activities of Portland. It is hard to believe that this small group of people could decide for hundreds of thousands of people.

We cannot live without water, and to decide to medicate our water is unconscionable, with no input or vote whether people want the medication in their water or not. They know they would not.

Children do not really drink much water; they seem to drink soda a lot when I see them about. That does not help cavities. Adults drink much more water than children ever do, and most seniors, like us, have medications we have to take for other things, but they are prescribed by a doctor.

Do we know for sure what interaction or side effects fluoride will have on the medications we use? Other than “big brother” telling us that it may stop children’s cavities, what effect will it have on the rest of us?

It will be cheaper to give out fluoride pills in all schools for small children and much less dangerous than to force medication on people who do not need it, and do not know what effects it will have over a long period of time.

There has been much research, and there are some bad side effects for adults, and even for children over a long period.

The main point: We are losing freedom so fast, it is getting frightening.

Mayor Bemis, thanks for fighting back. We do not want 1 cent of our money to go to help Portland’s mayor and City Council take over our lives, because without water we have no life.

The arrogance of Portland knows no bounds.

Joan Holman


PERS cartoon crosses the line

Regarding the malicious and offensive PERS cartoon crudity in the Tuesday, Aug. 21, issue of The Gresham Outlook: When I was a young boy about 75 years ago, I would be offended by a hurtful presentation such as this.

My mother would calm me down by saying, “Consider the source.”

That was good advice then and still is.

Harold E. Hansen


Letter about Ask Damascus hits the bull’s-eye

Gary Roche has earned a gold star for his letter last week regarding the trashing of Damascus by Ask Damascus and the funding it receives from out-of-state big money.

It’s no secret that the government-hating Americans for Prosperity (with headquarters in Arkansas) has been providing direction and thousands of dollars to Ask Damascus for years.

The effect on our town has been sickening and downright embarrassing. Ask Damascus seems to be little more than a storefront for Americans for Prosperity.

Yikes! And we should be worried about Metro? This is our town, not Americans for Prosperity’s.

Speaking of funding, when you see all the big, expensive, flag-desecrating lawn signs promoting the three Ask Damascus city council candidates together on the same sign, do you think of independent thinking, free-standing community supporters? I don’t.

I see the attack of the clones, marching in lockstep with our mayor as he pursues his personal agenda of allowing Damascus to become a developer’s playground.

So much for protecting rural values.

Wake up and smell the earth movers, folks.

Mike Andrews


Wand has the right vision for area

In the election for state representative for House District 49 in East County, I have had the opportunity to serve with both candidates over the years.

I was a city councilor with Chris Gorsek for four years, and I have served on several committees with Rep. Matt Wand. I know both candidates personally.

In this race, there is a candidate who is far more qualified, has proven abilities that I have personally observed, and who has served East County excellently. That candidate is Matt Wand.

He has the right vision for our community. He has successfully created jobs in our community. And he has proven to me over the years that he can cooperate with others to accomplish what is best for us and our neighbors.

In stark contrast, Gorsek’s term of office on the Troutdale City Council was unimpressive. I recall several meetings where he would simply lose his temper, raise his voice and shout at other councilors and Mayor Paul Thalhofer.

It is not the way to effectively work with other representatives of the voters to get things done.

Wand is head and shoulders above his challenger in this race. I am confident that if we lose him as our state representative, our influence in the Legislature will be severely damaged.

Please join me in re-electing Matt Wand.

Dave Ripma

Troutdale City Councilor

Nordbye stands up for voting public

Many voters understand the deplorable problem of big money in politics and public policy.

I would say most have not previously considered the notion of taking a stand against it right here in our House District 52.

That is, until now, with the candidacy of Peter Nordbye.

Voters in this election can choose not just a well-qualified, talented, dedicated and progressive Democrat, but also a candidate not beholden to big money and outside interests.

To read more, visit Peter Nordbye’s website at

Susan Drew


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