The Highway 30 Safety Task Force aims to remind drivers about the dangers of the busy route in the midst of its ongoing outreach campaign.

The task force, formed last year to review the high crash rates on portions of Highway 30, hopes to one day achieve its goal of helping reduce the crash rate to under 90 percent of the state average. It has designated September as “Highway 30 Safety Awareness Month” to further that goal.

Highway 30 is notorious for its high number of crashes and related deaths. A five-mile stretch between Scappoose and St. Helens was even designated an official “safety corridor” because of the dangers. Officials continue to monitor the merits of that safety corridor and the impacts it has had.

The Highway 30 Safety Task Force reports the leading cause of accidents on the highway is because of turning issues, making up 32 percent of crashes. The group states 23 percent of crashes are rear-end collisions, taking place mostly at stop lights and stop signs.

The task force’s ongoing campaign, “Traffic Safety Begins With Me,” focuses on combating distracted driving, including using cell phones, driver readiness, including drowsy driving, and reminding people now that school is back in session, to keep an eye out for kids and buses.

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