Official launch date is planned for Oct. 7

In an unusual move, two Sherwood churches, Rock Harbor Church and Sherwood Bible Fellowship, have combined to produce one new church in Sherwood.

The effort has taken the best qualities of each church and blended them into a church that has both maturity and youthful vigor, to establish a congregation fully capable of providing for the needs of the people of Sherwood. Crossridge Church will celebrate its official launch on Sunday, October 7th, with the first service at 9:30 a.m., and the second at 11 a.m. There will be excellent care for children from infants through 5th grade.

Pastors Brian Burman from Rock Harbor, and John Wild from Sherwood Bible have been working together for a couple of years with other leaders in the two churches on what will surely be an exciting and comprehensive ministry to the community. Another staff member, new to the Sherwood area, Tristin Roberts is leading vibrant worship at both services each week.

Burman will set the vision and direction for the church, and continue his work in a church planting organization called Growing Healthy Churches.

“It just amazes me,” he said, “that God would allow me a front row seat in watching how He is bringing people together, providing hope, and changing lives through Jesus.”

Wild, for his part will focus more on counseling within the church, on daily operations, and will continue to serve as administrator for Sherwood Christian Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten, which now becomes a ministry of Crossridge, instead of Sherwood Bible.

“I have been thrilled with the level of compatibility toward common goals for our church which Brian and I enjoy, and which other leadership from both churches bring to this adventure,” Wild said.

With a plan to share the teaching duties, both pastors are enthusiastic in their desire to emphasize the teaching of the Bible in order to help people move into increasingly life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ. With emphases of truth, authenticity, community and hope, Crossridge Church offers itself to everyone in the Sherwood area.

Crossridge Church meets in the church building at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Pine Street in Sherwood.

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