"The fingers of servants should leave the fingerprints of their masters." That pithy comment was made by a Polish writer named Stanislaw Lec, while his country was still under communist rule. In today's overheated political climate, some of Lec's sardonic wit and courage would be welcome. In the Sept. 19 front-page story, "Mailers Fudge Facts on Unger," it is pointed out that some of the political mailings from the Katie Eyre campaign that we find in our mailboxes are, shall we say, somewhat less than candid or complete when describing the qualifications of her opponent, Ben Unger. I never see those big, full-color, glossy political mailers in my mailbox without grieving for all the innocent young trees who died to deliver this drivel to my door. And, truth to tell, Eyre has been the biggest offender in this regard. Ben Unger has sent a few modest postcards, and several earnest and polite young farm kids have come to my door urging his election, but it seems almost every day I receive another big, glossy mini-billboard from Eyre. And, among all the happy burbling about schools, children, police and encouraging business and puppy dogs, and snide inferences about her opponent's resumé and ambitions, nowhere is it mentioned that Eyre is a Republican, or that a Republican PAC is funding this flood of glossy paper. So, is Katie merely the dutiful member of the party, who has to take the fall for this systematic fudging of the facts or is she actually given the power to disapprove of ad copy that skirts the truth? In short, whose fingerprints are on this stuff? Inquiring minds want to know.

Walt Wentz

Forest Grove

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