Ben Unger is our best choice to be state representative for House District 29. His opponent has been cramming our mail boxes with propaganda that is divisive, inaccurate and extremely insulting to the political process.

The last piece I received does not even list his opponent; rather, it accuses Unger of temporarily renting in House District 29. Is there something wrong with citizens that rent their homes?

It leaves out the fact that Ben Unger was born, raised, educated and worked in House District 29, and knows and understands the needs of the district’s citizens.

His incumbent opponent also accuses Ben of a "history of running false negative campaigns that insult voters." I have never seen this with Ben’s campaign, but that is all I have seen from Katie Eyre’s literature.

I am pleased that Unger bases his platform on his experience, knowledge, support and qualifications to represent us in the House. I am still looking for his opponent’s qualifications and accomplishments in her first term. What is her record other than being a CPA?

As a fourth generation farmer and small business owner, I fully support the election of Ben Unger as our representative to House District 29. I have found Ben prepared, knowledgeable, transparent and above all a positive force to reach out and unite, not divide. It does not appear that the incumbent shares this approach.

Lyle Spiesschaert

Forest Grove

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