For many years the Sandy Lions Club was an active part of the community before it was disbanded around the turn of the last century. But in 2009 an effort was spearheaded to bring the club back to Sandy.

Today, it's been rebuilt and now trying, once again, to help the citizens of Sandy in any way it can.

“Were trying to make aware that Sandy has a Lions Club and that we're there to assist and help the community,” Sandy Lions Club president Tim Anders says.

Creating a functional club has been a long process that started when former president, now secretary, John Taylor moved to Sandy from La Pine, where he was a member of a large Lions Club. He worked to recreate Sandy's division of Lions Club International, the world's largest service club organization, with 46,000 divisions and 1.35 million members. And its objective to serve is now taking place in Sandy.

One of its main efforts is to provide eyeglasses for children and adults who can't afford to purchase their own pair. The Lions Club provides screenings in schools and in the community to help identify people who need eyeglasses.

The club also will coordinate with an eye doctor, schedule an eye exam for individual and purchase the pair of eyeglasses.

“What happens is that person does get taken care of and gets a new set of eyeglasses or hearing aid,” Anders says.

During October, the club will hold its annual food drive, with donation barrels located at Bi-Mart, Grocery Outlet and Ace Hardware. All the food donated will be taken to the Sandy Community Action Center, where it will be distributed to members of the community.

But the ways in which the club aides the community are not always organized affairs. When a double-amputee soldier returned from overseas, the club's volunteers were there, providing lunches and dinners to the people working on the soldier's house to make it more accessible.

“Our goal is to assist the community in any way we can,” Anders says.

Sandy's club now has 20 members and is asking for more volunteers to join so it can better serve the town. Individuals also can fill out a form to receive sight or hearing aid.

For more information about the Sandy Lions Club, contact Dennis Bachman at 503-750-2010 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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