A recent email from Promote Oregon’s Nick Smith celebrates the anniversary of Ben Unger’s move to Hillsboro! Anniversaries recount feelings of warmth and joy … a first date; years of successful business; grandma and grandpa’s 50th. My initial delight over the extended pleasantries to locally raised and returned Ben Unger was short lived.

The email conveys the party’s intention to personally attack Unger for having returned to Hillsboro one year ago as a renter. Because being a renter means Ben is not committed to our district and the issues its constituents denote important and relevant?

The email condescendingly offers empathy for Unger, “Of course we don’t blame him for only renting a house and not buying. Elections are unpredictable and buying a home is a big commitment.” The 2010 US Census Bureau showed ONLY 62 percent of Oregon households were owner-occupied meaning nearly 40 percent of constituents were renters — a number that has likely increased given the rise in foreclosures.

This attack alludes that being a renter translates to failure to commit — that renting is largely a choice and when you choose to rent in lieu of owning … well, it just may mean that you have a larger agenda. So — why do I care? As a Forest Grove resident renter just celebrating my one year anniversary here, I am outraged that the party would try to reach voters this way.

Katie Eyre’s negative campaign voice sends a clear message — that renters are not committed. With so little time left in this race I would ask Ms. Eyre to stick to the issues. Considering that you have many constituent renters in your district, why would you want to send a message to them that their housing status deems them not vote worthy?

Elaine Charpentier Philippi

Forest Grove

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